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Watermelon juice

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Watermelon juice

After the saturation, work or routine daily activities the day, it's feasible for us to indulge with a meal of fresh juice beverages)
Try smell Refresh your day with watermelon juice that arouse this:)

Source: Lisa Magazine

Cuisine Category: Beverages

600 grams of watermelon without seeds, chopped
125 ml of water orange
125 ml of lemon juice
75 grams of castor sugar
150 grams strawberi fresh, clean, Shop-Shop

How to prepare:

1. Toss watermelon, lime juice and sugar.
2. Blender until smooth.
3. Store in refrigerator until cold truth.
4. Enter the guest strawberi.
5. Cast-glass cups in Italy.
6. Serve immediately.