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Tongkat cake

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This cake is one match up to the celebration of Christmas dihidangkan arrived.Source: Recipes Advancement Series "Aneka Bakery Dry"

Kue Category Cuisine: Bakery

Kue Cakes
270 grams butter
150 grams of powder sugar
2 yellow
1 egg white
320 grams of wheat flour
10 canary grams of finely chopped
vanilla adequate
2 orange lemon taken the skin, scars
2 lemon juice
cherry red and green adequate
1 egg white
150 grams of refined sugar
1 b orange juice take the water

How to prepare:

1. Shake refined sugar with butter until soft. Add the yellow and white egg and shake again.
2. enter wheat flour, walnut tree, and vanilla. Slosh average, and enter the orange peel and lemon juice. Aduk rata. Mixed average.
3. Enter the dough in the bag splasher, and spray form of a rod above the trays that have been smeared maragarin. Oven hingga matang Oven until cooked
4. After the cold. Olesi stick with glasur. Ornamental cherries with red and green.
5. To glasur: shake egg white until slightly foamy. Add sugar gradually fine. Enter the orange juice while continuing to be whipped thick.