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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I certainly curious how long it .. kita lihat yuk! we see ahead? Source: Recipes Advancement Series "Aneka Bakery Dry"

Kategori Masakan : Kue Category Cuisine: Bakery

Bahan-Bahan : Materials:
170 gram tepung terigu grams of wheat flour
60 gram gula pasir halus grams of sugar-fine sand
40 gram mentega grams butter
2 butir telur egg
garam secukupnya adequate salt
air secukupnya adequate water

Cara Mengolah : How to prepare:

1. Toss flour with sugar and butter. Adukr average and add the eggs one by one, salt, and water. Uleni hingga kalis Uleni to dull
2. Milling setebal thin dough to 1 cm. 1x10 cm long pieces. 2 to the fold while dipuntir.
3. Fry until browned dry