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Scroll through the Sausage Bread

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scroll through the Sausage Bread

Top this one I'm okay, other than to be prepared quickly, material is easily obtained and relatively cheap:)
Siip going to make you, you are quite busy, or children who are confused kost make breakfast? : P

Source: Variety Breakfast Non Rice by the Sufi SY

Category Cuisine: European Cuisine

10 pieces bread without skin
10 pieces of sausage, seduh with boiling water, Drain
5 pieces of cheese, each cut into 2

Materials dye:
3 eggs, 1 tbsp plain flour, mixed flat
Adequate flour, bread, for smearing
Adequate cooking oil

How to prepare:

1. Take comprised bread, and place the piece of cheese, sausage and bread roll. Use a toothpick to gum.
2. Celupkan into the dye material (egg dough shake wheat flour), an effort is not bread roll, lift.
3. Gulingkan to panir in the flour (bread flour).
4. Fist to fist-sticking bread flour evenly.
5. Heat enough oil, frankfurter fried bread content of cheese, up to the surface kecokelatan. Lift, Drain.
6. Dihidangkan ready.