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Pu Yong O

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cuisine this one certainly is not in a foreign tongue, we, but the prescription Pu Yong Hi this one is very special and feasible to try!
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Source: Top Chinese Cuisine - Yasa Boga

Category Cuisine: Asian Cuisine

Served To: 4 people

700 grams of crab meat
100 grams cut bamboo sprout like stem lighter
2 stem leaves broke finely sliced
1 clove bw. white dimemarkan
3 eggs whipped
Salt and pepper according to taste fine

Material sauce:
1 clove garlic dimemarkan
50 cc of water
5 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tsp sago flour / corn flour melted
A little pea that is cleaned

How to prepare:

1. Stir-fry garlic until yellow.
2. Enter the crab meat, bamboo sprout and the salt, pepper and fine leaf gear.
3. Special for fresh bamboo sprout, boiled and Drain is not so sharp baunya
4. Mix crab meat tumisan to shake the eggs.
5. Dadar flat in the pan. Aside.

Make sauce:
1. Stir-fry garlic.
2. Enter the water and tomato sauce.
3. Kentalkan with liquid sago flour / corn flour.
4. Enter a pea.
5. Add salt, no fine, vinegar, sugar if the sauce taste sharp.
6. Before the pea, curry sauce and lift siramkan to the top dadaran.

Serve while warm