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Mini Chocolate Cake flush

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini Chocolate Cake flush

Tiny cake with chocolate that tempt the taste, suitable for small food for your familySource: Magazine stories

Category Cuisine: Bakery

4 yellow
75 grams of refined sugar
75 grams of wheat
25 grams of cocoa powder
10 grams of corn flour
3 egg white
75 grams butter
Brown stem (Material Artwork)
Butter Cream adequate (Material Artwork)
Rhum adequate (Material Artwork)

How to prepare:

1. Toss flour, corn flour and cocoa powder until smooth.
2. Dilute butter.
3. Shake the yellow eggs and sugar until white and fluffy company.
4. Enter the flour is mixed. Shake denagn low speed, while the metega liquid little by little.
5. Enter a white egg little by little, slowly stir well until smooth.
6. Olesi trays the size of 22cm x 22 cm with butter, enter the dough to them.
7. Roast for about 30 minutes, after mature dinginkan.
8. Semprotkan rhum or flush on the cake.
9. Olesi with Butter Cream.
10. Enter into the freezer to harden Butter Cream. Then cut cake in accordance with the taste.
11. Dilute brown stem.
12. Flush cake with liquid chocolate.
13. Ornamental with Butter cream, chocolate dinginkan back to the Butter and cream, the cake is ready and presented.