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Bolu Dalmation

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bolu Dalmation

Material from the sponge is easy once in the can, it also issued a cost relatively cheap.

Source: Magazines'm a little

Category Cuisine: Bakery

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

Served To: 5 people

350 grams Flour
185 grams Sugar Sand
3 eggs Eggs
15 grams Baking Powder
20 grams Cake Emulsifier
170 cc Water

How to prepare:

1.Kocok eggs, water, sugar, and cake emulsifier for 2 minutes.
2.Masukan wheat flour and Baking powder, 1 minute and shake again.
3.Tuang dough in the mold, according tabur garnish with the taste.
4.Kukus for 25 minutes.