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Potato Omelet

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Potato Omelet

With material that is easily found in relatively cheap and you can serve this dish for your family.

Source: Lisa Magazine

Category Cuisine: European Cuisine

Estimated Time: 0.5 - 1 Hour

Served To: 6

750 g of potatoes
3 tbsp vegetable oil key gold
2 bh onions, sliced 1 cm dice
2 cloves garlic, puree
75 grams of salami, sliced 1 cm dice
BTR 4 eggs, shake off
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

How to prepare:

1.kupas dice potatoes and cut into 2 cm.
2.rebus potatoes until soft. Add 1 / 2 tsp salt. Lift and Drain. Aside.
3.Tumis onions until fragrant. Enter potatoes, salami, salt, and pepper. Mixed - mixed briefly.
4.Panaskan oil, cast shake eggs. After a bit hard, enter tumisan kentang.Masak to the bottom of the telurkering.
5.Masukkan omelet pan in the oven, roast until the top dry.