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Milk Chocolate

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Milk Chocolate

Chocolate drink, perfect day at dihidangkan Valentin, Valentin meriahkan day with a drink with him cokelat

Source: Tabloid Cita Cinta

Cuisine Category: Beverages

Served To: 6

1 liter of milk white liquid
75 g chocolate slab (dark cocolate)
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
Powdered cinnamon / rum adequate

How to prepare:

1. Roughly chopped chocolate slab
2. Heat milk with a small fire
3. while carbonated milk start (do not wait until boiling), enter the chocolate into the milk, mixed flat
4. Enter the cocoa powder, stir well to melt chocolate with milk and
5. Add powdered cinnamon / rum adequate, according to taste
6. You can serve in the condition warm, and cold.

Note: If you want to milk cold, do not add ice in the milk chocolate because it will reduce the flavors of chocolate. After steaming hot milk lost, enter the chocolate milk in the refrigerator and serve cold after.