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Mango Sundae

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mango Sundae

Taste and appearance did not lose the sundae style restaurant

Source: Femina Magazine

Cuisine Category: Beverages

Served To: 4 people

250 grams of sweet, fragrant Mango, peeled, cut into 1 cm dice
100 grams Wafer chocolate, ready for use, cut into 1 cm dice
250 ml vanilla Ice cream, ready for use
200 ml sweet soda
50 grams of peanut peeled, chopped and sangrai, for topping
4 orange (citrus sauce ingredients)
1 tbsp butter (of orange sauce)
50 grams of sugar (of orange sauce)

How to prepare:

Make orange sauce:
1. Peeled skin (without the white) orange, sliced the skin form of a matchbox. Aside.
2. PERAS orange juice seen.
3. Heat butter and sugar until sugar dissolve. Pour lemon juice, cook until thick.
4. Entry sliced orange peel, slosh-slosh to sear the skin orange. lift seen.

1. Set in succession in the glass City: mango, wafer, ice cream, soda sweet, orange sauce, mango, and ice cream. Taburi top with chopped nuts sangrai. Hiasi with orange skin.