International Cuisine

Fry potatoes a la Germany

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kentang Goreng a la Jerman
I get this recipe from my friend german, Anna Greve. The most impressive for me is, how to fry potatoes with oil seminimalis possible.

Materials / seasoning:
- 200 grams of potatoes, peeled, wash, cut into dice
- 1 clove garlic, keprek, finely sliced
- 1 / 2 onion, sliced box
- 1 egg chicken
- 1 tbsp vegetable oil
- Adequate salt
- Pepper / pepper powder adequate

How to cook:
- Heat a wok or frying oil
- Fried potatoes little by little until browned and cooked color
- Make space in the middle of the frying pan, stir fry garlic and onion until fragrant
- Slosh-slosh that mixed with potatoes
- Add the salt and pepper powder, aduk2
- Pecahkan chicken eggs over the potatoes, aduk2
- Cooking until cooked
- Foster, serve with fried chicken and lalapan