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Fill crab (Cha Po)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

China is the country rich taste, smell try this recipe, waaah certainly addicted ^ - ^
The form is also unique certainly enjoyed by the small;)

Source: ASEAN-Aneka Cuisine By Henky Runtuwene

Category Cuisine: Asian Cuisine

100 gr chicken (boneless)
100 gr shrimp
4 heads crab
2 eggs, onion
4 cloves garlic
2 cm ginger
5 stem coriander
100 ml coconut milk
1 chicken eggs, whipped
1 tsp black pepper finely
1 lemon, cut thin
25 grams of maize flour
Salt and pepper adequate
Adequate cooking oil

How to prepare:

1. Boiled crabs, remove the cooked meat (try not damaged skin).
2. Peeled and chopped shrimp.
3. Clean the chicken and chopped up fine.
4. Onion, garlic, ginger, coriander leaf and stem sliced small.
5. Toss with the crab meat, chicken and shrimp and eggs have been shaken.
6. Diuleni while continuing with the hand, enter the coconut milk, black pepper, maize flour, salt and pepper adequate.
7. Uleni continue until the dough evenly mixed
8. Take the crab skin, enter into the dough before the contents one by one.
9. After steaming for more than 30 minutes.
10. Lift, and the content of fried crab shells to be