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Asem-tamarind Tempe

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Asem-tamarind Tempe

Apparently, many also pengemar cuisine made from tempeh;)
Now this may be one of the significant variation worth trying ^ - ^

Source: Femina Magazine

Cuisine Category: Indonesian cuisine

Served To: 8 People

2 Liter water
200 grams of meat cattle tetelan
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cm lengkuas. memarkan
1 bay
2 red chilies, split the two longitudinal
2 cabal green, the two sides lengthwise
200 g tempe. cut into 2x2 cm
3 starfruit fruit, vegetables, sliced crosswise 1 cm
2 tsp acid Java, remas-remas with 50 ml of water, filtered
2 ssendok eat the leaves of onion chopped

Spices that are:
2 cloves garlic
5 eggs, onion
4 eggs candle sangrai
2 sheets orange leaves
112 teaspoon fried shrimp paste
1 tsp sugar, comb
1 tablespoon salt

How to prepare:

- Boil water, boiled until tender meat. Lift seen kaldunya 500 ml.
- Heat oil, stir-fry seasoning fine, lengkuas, and the bay until fragrant.
- Enter the red chili and green chili mixed-piggledy to wilt.
- Enter Tempe, tetelan meat, and broth. Boil
- Add the starfruit, vegetables, water, acid Java, and the leaves of onion.
- Cook until all ingredients well. Lift.
- Serve hot.