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To keep order-Young Coconut Layer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

To keep order-Young Coconut Layer

Meriahkan family atmosphere presents you with something special in the middle of family togetherness, especially at times when relaxed.
To make meal-order Young Coconut Layer taste is very suitable to add warmth in the middle of your togetherness with the people you love:)

Source: Jamuan Special Menu FOODS 6-Primarasa-Femina

Category Cuisine: Bakery


White layer materials:
500 ml milk, and 1 1 / 2 coconuts
100 grams sugar
1 packet gelatin powder and white
1 young coconuts, dredging rough
1 egg, shake briefly
1 / 2 teaspoon coconut scent (coconut essence)

Chocolate layer materials:
200 g brown sugar
1 packet gelatin powder and white
750 ml of water

Ingredients Coconut milk sauce:
200 ml of milk, from 1 / 2 coconuts
1 pandan leaf
1 / 2 teaspoon salt

How to prepare:

Make a layer of white:
1. Boil coconut milk while stirred mixed.
2. Lift and dinginkan.
3. Separate coconut milk, which gather on the surface.
4. Cook the liquid coconut milk with sugar and gelatin until boiling.
5. Enter the coconut shovel, and lift from the fire.
6. Enter the egg shake, scent of coconut, and coconut milk.
7. Stir well to the average correct, then cast into the trays.
8. Aside until cold.
9. Once set, dredging gelatin with a spoon seen.

Make chocolate layer:
1. Cook sugar, gelatin, and water until boiling, then filtered.
2. Basahi cup / bowl with water.
3. 1 spoon vegetable cast so-so chocolate to it.
4. The rest leave on a small fire to remain liquid.
5. Enter kerukan gelatin into the White glass / bowl.
6. Let cool slightly.
7. Cast more gelatinous brown above, give kerukan so-so white.
8. Do so until the second so-so material out.
9. Try to be a brown color on top.
10. Dinginkan to harden.

Making coconut milk sauce:
1. Cook coconut milk, pandanus, and salt to boil while continuously stirred mixed coconut milk that is not broken.
2. Lift, dinginkan, serve with gelatin.