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Punch Orange (Orange Punch)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Punch Orange (Orange Punch)

Very refreshing, especially on a hot day.


Cuisine Category: Beverages

60 grams of powdered orange
1 liter of water
5 citrus fruit, take the water
100 cc pineapple syrup
1 orange lemon, take the water
500 cc Sprite
500 cc Fanta orange
1 orange sankis, cut

How to prepare:

1. Toss water, powdered orange, orange juice, pineapple and syrup, mixed flat.
2. Add lemon juice, mixed flat.
3. Store in refrigerator.
4. When will be presented, enter the Sprite and Fanta orange, the average mixed.
5. Add sliced orange sankis, serve.