International Cuisine

Mango-Raspberry Thickshake

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drinks and Cocktails are the best for experimenting with your culinary skills!! They involve very little "actual" work though you might have to strain your gray cells to think of suitable ingredients and judge their compatibility!! But that's the fun part, at least for me. We all love fruits, and to try different interesting combinations is neither tiring nor time-consuming. And most of the times, you are bound to succeed in your experiments!! As a child, I used to love the Mango Dolly and Raspberry Dolly, so for me creating something colourful and delicious has never been so easy. I just had to juggle a bit with my childhood favourites and the trick worked! Try my Mango-Raspberry thickshake to invigorate your senses, scintillate your taste buds and relive your childhood!!!

Pulp of 1 fresh ripe mango (you can use the canned mango pulp too)
1/2 cup raspberries
1 scoop mango or vanilla ice-cream
2-3 tbsp crushed ice

2-3 tsp sugar (if needed)
sprig of mint (for garnish)

Blend the mango pulp without adding water if you are using fresh mango and keep aside. Now take the raspberries and blend them with 2 tsp water till it forms into a pulp. Do not make it into a liquid. It should be as thick as the mango pulp. If the raspberries are sour (not sweet enough for a drink), add the sugar while blending.

Now take a tall serving glass, add crushed ice at the bottom and layer it with the mango and raspberry pulp alternately. As both are thick enough, they would easily layer upon each other without blending. Top it with a scoop of vanilla or mango ice-cream. Garnish the glass edge with a sprig of mint and enjoy the pleasantly surprised looks on the faces of your guests when you serve them this colorful and flavorful mango and raspberry thickshake!!