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Gochu Jang Chigae (Peanut Soup Pasta Red)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Food derived from the host world cup 2002, Korea is likely to be eligible to be tried and food for your note once.

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Category Cuisine: Asian Cuisine

10 oz beef
1 / 2 packaged tofu,
2 small potatoes size
1 medium size carrot
Shitake mushrooms 3
1 red chili
1 stem leeds
2 1 / 2 block beef stock Instant
3 tablespoons Gochujang (red bean paste)
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon sugar
1 / 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
black pepper, and salt is adequate course is Yes
3 parsley

How to prepare:

1.Potong-cut carrots, potatoes and tofu cube into 2cm.
2.Potong thin beef and rendam with a mixture of sugar and sweet soy sauce for 15 minutes.
Shitake mushrooms 3.Rendam for 15 minutes in the water and cut into 2 parts.
4.Bersihkan from bijinya red chili, cut diagonally 1 / 2 cm. Leeds rather large slices.
5.Masak meat while stirred over the hot fire. After the meat is cooked, enter the broth Gochujang and cattle.
6.Tambahkan garlic, potatoes, carrots. After the slightly faded, enter red chili, tofu and mushrooms.
7.Jika potatoes are cooked, insert salt and black pepper. Cook a few moments. Before the fire off, enter daung onion and parsley.