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Bakpia almond, Chocolate, Cheese

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bakpia almond, Chocolate, Cheese

The traditional cake is quite unique, very timely presented as a tea while relaxing.


Category Cuisine: Bakery

A material:
250 grams of wheat
75 cc vegetable oil
150 cc water
1 / 2 tsp salt

Material B:
250 gr wheat Key Blue / Blue Wheel
150 cc oil

Material Content:
500 gr green beans, peeled the skin
500 g sugar
100 cc oil

Chocolate, cheese, vanilla adequate

How to prepare:

How to Make Content:
1. 100 cc oil dijerangkan on fire.
2. Enter the green beans after the summer.
3. Enter the sugar, vanilla.
4. Some were given chocolate and vanilla.
5. For the cheese, without cheese, sugar given.

How to Make Bakpia:
1. A mixed all the materials so evenly.
2. B mixed all the materials so evenly.
3. Tipiskan / pipihkan dough A.
4. Tipiskan or pipihkan half of the dough B. Place dough over A is dipipihkan.
5. Fold.
6. Tipiskan / pipihkan remaining dough B.
7. Place dough B over the dough, which has been folded.
8. Roll and divided two.
9. Cut each cross section of 1 cm.
10. Tipiskan each snippet of dough, fill with the content of the dough.
11. Of the up to tidy.
12. Place on trays, speed yellow with egg.
13. Roast in a hot oven for 30 minutes until golden yellow. Lift and dinginkan. the relaxed.